Classic FDNY scale model fire apparatus

FDNY museum grade 1:50 scale
Each FDNY scale model is built to impress the most discriminating FDNY collector. But in the case of FDNY Classic scale models, it's about the memory of days gone by. Classic FDNY fire apparatus come with stories of courage, hard work and selfless sacrifice. We hope you enjoy your limited production FDNY classic scale models and may they bring you back to another time. FDNY Classics...for the Elite FDNY Collector.1:50 scale model of Mack CF/Baker 75' Tower Ladder 9 in ManhattanOrder your FDNY 1970 Mack CF Squrt Engine 71 today!

Take home a Bronx Ladder 59 from 1984

Take home a classic FDNY Mack C Engine 8 today!
1947 Mack L Open Cab Pumpers for FDNY

Order your 1970 Mack CF Telesqurt Engine 70 scale model! Order your FDNY ALF 1983 Collapse Rescue 3 today!

 FDNY 1969 Mack R Bicentennial Engine 305 in Queens