Fire Replicas Unpacking and Care Instructions


First, carefully remove all foam packing material from the top and sides. Second, lift the entire unit by the base. DO NOT LIFT BY THE COVER. Finally, lift off the cover slowly and remove interior packing materials carefully to avoid any damage to the cover and the replica.


Your model has been designed and manufactured to be an exact representation of the real fire apparatus. The material for each part has been carefully chosen to accurately depict each area of the truck. Many of these pieces are extremely fragile and require the utmost discretion during handling.


This model is meant for display only. Although many finely crafted parts may appear to be movable, they are not functional and will break if force is applied to them. Therefore, we strongly recommend that you keep your model in its factory case.

Your Fire Replicas model contains hundreds of individual parts, involving countless hours of design, casting, painting, decaling and assembly. We stand behind our products and trust that you will be exceedingly proud to own them.


Please contact us if your model has sustained any damage during shipping. In most cases, we can resolve the problem with a simple replacement part.


We highly recommend that your Fire Replicas scale model remain in its case. Remember, your Fire Replicas model is comprised of hundreds of small parts and is extremely fragile. It is quite difficult to remove the model from the case without the replica sustaining some type of damage. Unfortunately, we will not be held responsible for any damage to the product resulting from mishandling or removing it from its base. If you must remove the model from its display case, peel back the bottom layer of the display platform to expose the mounting screws. Another option is to locate the screw pockets and cut out the felt around them. Carefully support the model while removing the screws and posts. 

We are committed to continual improvement. If you have any comments or suggestions, email us! We’d love to hear from you. Thank you for choosing Fire Replicas!