Kentland Tower 33 in 3D stage

Building Your Scale Model

  1. Introduction:
    Connect with us so that we can discuss your department, your community and your vision for a scale model. If our program is a good fit for your department, we'll cover the basic program requirements, timeline, and tips to move things along. 

  2. Planning:
    Then we'll create an effective marketing plan with the decision-makers at your department. We'll discuss licensing, promotion, fundraising, press releases, marketing materials, social media and more. This part of the process is critical as we develop a plan to make sure that your investment fulfills your goals.

  3. Production:
    Once we receive a collective order from your department or community organizations for the minimum quantity, we proceed to build a prototype. Following various reviews and approvals, the prototype moves into production and shipment.

Broward County 9/11 Tribute Tower in Tooling Model stage

Specs & Timing

  • Detail: Fire Replicas are razor sharp. Our goal is to accurately feature each detail so that you might notice something new each time you study the model.

  • Materials: High-def resin and stainless steel comprise the two primary materials. Others include wire, rubber, acrylic, spin cast metals, and other composites.

  • Functionality: Although the models are extremely accurate and detailed and may appear to be able to move, all parts are non-functional and may break if force is applied. Remember, these are museum grade replicas, not functional toys.

  • Display Case: Each Fire Replica is on display in a museum-quality acrylic display case to protect and preserve the unit.

  • Nameplate: An etched stainless steel nameplate features the department and truck name, and the department seal.

  • Packaging & Shipping: Each model is packaged in a mail order box to protect all contents.
  • Quantity: Minimum production quantities are as low as 300 pieces.
  • Pricing: 2023 pricing for pumpers is around $300/pc. Ladders, towers, and platforms range from $400-$450, and Tillers around $500. Terms are 50% at project start, 50% upon completion.
  • Timing: Completion is usually 9-12 months from the time PO and deposit are received and all data is received to begin the project.


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