Placing a Pre-Order

What is a "Pre-Order"?  In the scale model industry, it is customary to announce a model to the market prior to production. If you see a model in our store that features a $0 price, it is a "Pre-Order Model". This means that the replica has been announced, but is still in development. The development process ranges from 6-12 months.

How do I know the price of a "Pre-Order model"?  Full specs for each model can be found on its respective product page, including retail price at the time of shipment, dimensions, features and other valuable information about the department, the community and the truck. Just click on the small picture of any fire truck.

How do I place a Pre-Order?  If you'd like to pre-order a model, you can add it to your cart and check out. No payment information is requested or required. Once check out is complete, you will receive a confirmation email.

What happens next?  When the development of the model is complete,  we make up to 4 attempts to connect back with all of our customers who have a pre-order on file. We do this through mass emails, order messages, personalized emails and if necessary, a phone call. At this time we give you specific instructions on how to complete your order. IMPORTANT: Your pre-order does NOT automatically convert to an official order.

Finalizing Your Pre-Order

I received the notification that my pre-ordered model is ready to ship, now what?  It is very simple to complete your order, but you must follow the instructions in your notification. We've also listed them below. If you prefer, you can call us at 1.800.481.2450 and we can quickly finalize your order over the phone.

     1) Sign in to your Fire Replicas Account (or create an account if you haven't already done so)

     2) Add your model to the shopping cart (this time, your model will not be $0, it will have a retail price)

     3) Complete the checkout process (this time, payment information will be requested)

Helpful Hints:

     1) Make sure your billing address in your order matches your credit card exactly.

     2) Please note that your previous pre-order was just a reservation and it cannot be converted to an official order. You must start a new order. And don't worry, we will manually "complete" your existing pre-order once you successfully place your final order.

Remember...Fire Replicas models are limited in production and pre-orders are required to be guaranteed a model. There is no cost to pre-order and no payment information is collected at the time of pre-order. If you have a reservation with us, you can rest assured that we will contact you with order completion instructions at the proper time.

Payment Options:

Credit Cards and PayPal: We accept Visa, Master Card, American Express, Discover and Paypal during checkout.

Money Orders: You can also select the "Money Order" option in the checkout process if you prefer to send us a Money Order or Cashiers Check. You will receive an order confirmation with remittance instructions including where to send the check. Upon receipt of payment, we will promptly ship your order.

Installment Plan: Fire Replicas offers an installment plan on most models, which allows you to spread your purchase over 3 equal payments. This is a manual program so you must call 1.800.481.2450 so that we can set up your customized installment program. You can make your installments with credit card, PayPal, or a combination. We will ship your order upon receipt of your final payment.

PayPal Credit: PayPal offers its customers a 6-month financing option. Choose PayPal when you check out and if you are eligible, you can choose this 6-month payment option. In this case, your order will ship immediately. Click on the PayPal Credit banner below to learn more.

We are here to help if you have any questions. Call us at 1.800.481.2450 or connect with us using our contact form. Thank you!

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